Redbox Expands Availability Of Low-Cost Movie And Game Rentals To Communities Nationwide With 1,500 New Locations Planned In 2017

Redbox, America’s leading destination for low-cost new release movie and video game rentals, today announced the company’s plans to deliver greater access to Redbox® kiosks with the addition of 1,500 net new rental kiosks in 2017, and more planned for 2018. The expansion is already underway, with more than 300 kiosks placed in the first quarter alone.

With this year’s expansion, Redbox will have more than 41,500 kiosks nationwide, a total larger than the number of Starbucks’ and McDonald’s locations in the U.S. combined. In addition, the company shared new survey results showing Americans’ perspectives on affordable family entertainment choices.

“In small and large towns across America, millions of hard-working Americans rely on Redbox every day for relief and value from the rising costs of going to the theater, or exorbitant fees from cable and satellite companies,” said Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox. “Renting discs remains an important consumer offering for families on a budget, or any consumer who wants a better value for new release content.”

Smith continued, “The proof is in the numbers, as Redbox averages more than eight million rentals a week. We’re excited and proud to be expanding to serve even more people, in more ways, and in more places this year.”

Based on data from the National Association of Theater Owners, the average cost for a family to purchase four movie tickets in 2016 was $34.60, which excludes concessions. This compares to a $1.50 a night DVD rental from Redbox for a family movie night. Additionally, cable companies that offer new release movies with their monthly subscription fee generally charge an additional $4.99-$5.99, or three to four times more than Redbox, to rent the exact same movie title.


Affordability Survey Results

Redbox disclosed today results of a new national survey1 of more than 1,000 American households and found:

  • 85% of Americans noted they watch more movies at home because the theater is expensive;
  • 93% of Americans said movie theater prices really add up after purchasing tickets and snacks;
  • 94% of Americans have heard of Redbox, and 46% of Americans said they would rent more from Redbox if there was a location closer to them;
  • 48% of Americans chose Redbox as the best value for renting new release movies, compared to only 30% for their cable/satellite provider (on demand), 19% for Amazon Prime, and 3% for Apple’s iTunes;
  • However, 68% of Redbox users believe Redbox is the best value for renting new release movies, 16% for Amazon Prime, 14% their cable/satellite provider (on demand), and 2% for Apple’s iTunes;
  • 54% of Americans said they would rather drive to a Redbox kiosk to save money, but that number jumps to 75% among Redbox users; and
  • 58% of Americans said it’s easy for them to stop at Redbox on their daily commute to pick up a new release movie, and among Redbox users, that figure rises to 77%.

Consumers can find kiosk locations at and retailers can submit requests for new locations at