Outside the Box

Redbox Community Events

Over the years, Redbox has brought millions of families and friends together for movie and game nights. Through our cause program, Outside the Box, we bring entire communities together. Since 2013, Redbox has hosted more than 50 events across 20 states and 40 communities.

Outside the Box grants cover everything from movie screens and AV equipment to studio licensing fees and social media signage. And what makes the program unique is that the Redbox footprint remains well after the show’s over.

Through these events, we’re providing communities with tools to learn placemaking—a transformative concept that teaches them how to create public gathering spaces that they can use over and over again. Outside the Box isn’t about one single event: it’s about the many future events, gatherings, connections and interactions that are possible as a result of Outside the Box.

Outside the Box communities are selected based on a number of criteria, including: the originality of the proposed event, how likely it is to build community, the opportunity to team up with multiple community stakeholders, and Redbox’s footprint in the area

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  • Im the owner of convenience store and neighborhood people been asking a lot for Redbox, which they don’t have around. So due to this customers request, I like to have in the porch outside. So call me on 540-589-0753

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